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Midwives, Doulas, and Birthing Community Practitioners


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Looking for a Midwife?
Check out

Hannah Bernard-Donals LM, CPM
All Four Trimesters, LLC
(608) 334-4278

Ingrid Andersson LM, CNM
Community Midwives, LLC
(608) 231-1882

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Tehmina Islam LM, CPM
Access Midwifery, LLC
(608) 251-0776

Dr. Jill Mallory MD
Wildwood Family Clinic
4901 Cottage Grove Rd
Madison, WI 53716
(608) 221-1501

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Find the Madison Doula Collective at

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Other Trusted Providers


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Mindful Motion
305 S. Livingston St.
Madison, WI 53703

Mindful Motion is the creative entity of Nathan and Jessica Dufault. Nathan is a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer working with clients of all walks of life. Nathan treats clients from the foundation up, making subtle changes to posture that have monumental changes on life.

Jessica is a Physical Therapist who has been all over the country helping people move better in their body. From nursing homes, to hospitals she has worked with a wide spectrum of clients. She is thoughtful and caring and together with Nathan treats every client that walks in the door, like they are the most important person to them, because they are.

Nathan and Jessica are located right next door to us, and have a lot to offer our community. The aim is to treat physical therapy like massage therapy, it can be preventative, post-injury or surgery. Physical therapy can be another way you can learn about your body, and get some help with your golf swing, or your running gait. Do not hesitate to tap into this vast knowledge base. or 608.250.1775