How to cultivate self love and deep health through honoring your bodies need for rest and rejuvenation

As a culture we are so incredibly busy with our to do lists, tasks, raising children, school, work, managing relationships, the list could go on and on.  Being a society of “doers” has permeated us collectively with health epidemics left and right.  It affects all people across the board, it doesn’t matter what your gender, race, or personal roles and or obligations are in life.  We go at a speed that our bodies can’t assimilate and therefore do not have the opportunity to rest and repair.   Through all this DOING we can become depleted, fatigued, irritable, anxious, depressed and much more.

Our body is its own organism with its own intelligence and life force.  It has such profound ways of communicating with us, if we choose to hear its messages we can achieve optimal health, greater peace, live the life of our dreams, and cultivate deeper relationships in our lives.   Through developing inner stillness and truly hearing our body’s wisdom, we are able get to the heart of what we want for ourselves and our bodies.

Here are some easy steps to help you on your path to tapping in to the endless resources and insight that our body’s wisdom provides.

Health and wellness is a journey not a destination:

Regardless of our present state of health, making a conscious choice to look at our own personal health as an ever unfolding experience and process.   This allows us to be in the present and provides acceptance.  This helps propel us to strive daily to listen to what our body needs, as our needs are always changing and evolving moment to moment.

Tap into your TRUE desires:

Sometimes we think our desires are so out of reach or that we know what our true desires are.  But, it isn’t until you dedicate spending a few moments each day getting crystal clear about what you choose to have in your life that you are able to manifest the life of your dreams.  Grab of cup of tea, get comfy, clear your mind of any chatter, and see what comes up, and visualize yourself doing those things.  Notice how happy, inspired, light up and motivated you feel in that sacred space of envisioning the life of your dreams.  Do not let any logical or rational thinking obstruct this process, as it hinders our ability to make these things happen.  Through time you will see the results and you will truly know this is the vision of your future.

Say yes to yourself:

Setting boundaries and being clear about how many obligations and activities you can handle is essential to your own personal well being.  In doing this, you are actually doing what is best for everyone involved.  By choosing your own personal desires you will have more energy and time for your loved ones.

Create success daily through choosing a path that provides transcendence, inspiration, and ease for your future decisions:

Create choices consciously and daily that provide success for you in the future.  Every decision you make will impact your next decision. Choosing to eat healthy foods, take your supplements, speak your truth, rest, or saying no to someone will create an up word spiral that will make each and every future decision easier.  One bad choice can easily lead to a downwards spiral for a day, months, or years.  This is no way is about creating judgment when you make a decision that is not ideal.   Just watch your decisions and see how they impact your upcoming decisions.  This watchful approach will help you to keep on the path of authenticity and will help halt self sabotaging patterns.

Written by Shannon Gyles

Acupuncturist & Chinese Herabalist