Breech Presentation

Breech | Posterior Presentation 

“I came to Shannon around 36 weeks pregnant looking for a gentle way of moving my breech baby and to avoid the cesarean section I was scheduled for if baby did not turn.  Shannon used acupuncture and moxibustion and sent me home with additional tools to help baby move.  I was very comfortable during the treatment, and even got in a little nap during the process.  I went in to the hospital 8 days later for a scheduled external cephalic version, which I was dreading.  When they did the ultrasound before the procedure, much to my surprise and delight, baby was now head down!  I was able to have a medication free birth and delivery the day before my due date and had a healthy baby girl!”


Breech presentation is a malposition of the baby where the baby is not head down.  Breech presentation has many varied forms.  Posterior positioning also has many variations, but with posterior the head is down but the spine is not aligned towards the mother’s abdomen.  Anterior head down position (optimal positioning for labor) normally happens between the 34th-36th week of pregnancy. Poor positioning can lead to long and difficult labors, back labor, increased intervention, or prolapse of the cord which leads the baby without oxygen (in the case of breech presentation in a laboring women).   If the baby doesn’t turn head down (in case of breech presentations) or the positioning is a variant of posterior it can lead to a C-Section.

Acupuncture with Moxa has up to a 70-80% success rate at turning breach babies when women come in for treatment between 32-37 weeks.   Acupuncture and Moxa help to circulate qi or energy in the uterus.  Moxa is a Chinese Herb (otherwise known as mugwort) that is burned over a specific acupuncture point.


Shannon has women come in shortly after they find our their baby is breech and prioritizes fitting women into her schedule as soon as possible.  The earlier women get treatment, the better the success, as their is more room in the uterus for the baby to get re positioned.  Shannon sends women home with moxa and has them burn it over a specific acupuncture point up to two times a day if possible.  Depending on how far along a women is in her pregnancy, Shannon may recommend having women come in twice in the first week.

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