Abdominal Fertility Massage

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Massage Therapy For Fertility Enhancement & Other Female Reproductive Support

Abdominal Fertility Massage

Abdominal fertility massage is a deeply relaxing and restorative full body massage.  This massage incorporates a gently warming and detoxifying castor oil pack on the abdomen along with traditional Mayan abdominal massage techniques.   Also included in the session is the stimulation of various Shiatsu points, via reflexology, used to balance hormones and aid in opening up the energy flow throughout the body.  Craniosacral holds and Swedish massage techniques are also used to optimize relaxation and well being.

The Techniques In Abdominal Massage Are Used To:

  • Break up stagnation
  • Break up scarring and adhesion’s
  • Increase lymph and blood circulation in pelvic region
  • Improve digestion for improved nutrient assimilation

Benefits Beyond Fertility Enhancement

Originally developed for use in assisting women on their paths to motherhood, it also has many benefits to women with heavy or painful periods, scarring from previous births or surgical procedures and digestive discomforts/ailments.

When To Do a Fertility Massage Within A Menstrual Cycle

Due to the stimulating effects of this massage it can only be performed between a woman’s last day of her period through the day of ovulation (and or day 15 of the cycle if you are not sure when or if you are ovulating).  

It is also not recommended while breastfeeding due to the detoxification of the body with this massage, as it can possibly taint breast milk.  “Pumping and dumping” is an option if a woman wants the treatment done while breastfeeding, as the effects are only known to last a day or two.  Abdominal massage cannot be done if a women has an IUD.

Please call and speak with Colleen with any further questions regarding abdominal massage and its benefits.



Initial Abdominal Fertility Massage- 90 Minutes 


Follow Up Abdominal Fertility Massage- 90 Minutes 



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