Mediumship/Intuitive Sessions


Melanie specializes in a rare form of Grief Therapy known as Evidential Mediumship. She has spent the better part of ten years growing her ability to translate a unique, and ever advancing, metaphysical language. Her greatest accomplishments in this lifetime are her children, Sam and Cale, and her Mediumship Practice. She lives in Cambridge with her two boys, Sam and Cale, and their Chinchilla Diamond. 

Individual Intuitive Session

​This one hour, one on one, session with Melanie focusses on connecting with the departed and intuiting anything and everything that will help you move forward. Melanie’s primary focus in any healing session is to validate the presence of a loved one and relay any healing information, but there are absolutely times that the dead with to address something currently ailing you or their family. Every session is unique and exactly what it needs to be for each client. Capacity: 1, Time: 60 minutes, Cost: $150.00
**Please note that Individual and Two Person Sessions can be done via phone. 

Two Person Intuitive Session

This Session was designed to allow two people to sit together for an hour and connect to the same individuals, and/or experience a session while in support of one anther. We do not gurantee equal time, but do our best to spend as much time with each individual as possible. Capacity: 2 peeps, Time: 60 minutes, Cost: $225.00

Small Private Group Reading (3-7 PARTICIPANTS)

A small group of 3-7 participants sits with Mel at our Monona or Madison office, for 90 minutes as she channels every soul that steps forward and every healing, and positively intended, message during our time together. She will send drawings/notes home with the schedulee. Capacity: 7, Time: 90 minutes, Cost: $300.00 

Large Private Group Reading

A group of 8-15 participants share space with Melanie fro 2 hours time in her Madison or Monona office. She channels every souls that steps forward during your time together. We do not gurantee everyone in attendance a message in private nor public groups but give everything possible to be able to reach everyone in attendance.  Capacity: 15, Time: 2 hours, Cost: $500.00

Healing Circle: Public Groups

​.Healing Circles are most commonly held in Cambridge or our Monona Office, and do not exceed 10 participants. We spend two hours together as Melanie channels every healing message that comes through. Capacity: 10, Time: 2 hours, Cost: $70.00 per seat.  

Add On’s

Audio mp3 Recording

Selecting an Add-On Mp3 Recording ensures that you will receive an emailed copy of your session within 14-28 days of your appointment. Cost $15.00

Expedited Audio mp3 Delivery

Selecting an Add-On Expedited Audio Mp3 Recording ensures that you will receive an emailed copy of your session within by 11:59 pm CST, same day as your session. Cost $25.00