Placenta Encapsulation



Noel, home birth Midwife, is happy to offer placenta encapsulation and tincturing to those wanting to take advantage of this amazing organ!



With placenta services you can expect me to:


  • Pick up placenta on the day of birth 

  • If you were not offered a “tour” of your placenta by your birth team, I will offer one before I take it for processing

  • Use safe, clean space, tools and protocol to prepare your placenta. Always handling it with care and acknowledging the great work it did in helping grow your babe.

  • Return the pills within 72 hours (tincture takes 6 weeks) of pick-up, along with detailed instructions on storing and ingesting 

  • Be available for questions that may arise after drop-off

  • Fee based on sliding scale $150-$250. I am committed to providing this service for families who desire it, and will work with you to make it happen!