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Madison’s Holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum Clinic


Our Philosophy

We are honored and committed to help women with fertility, pregnancy, preparing the body and baby for labor, decreasing pain in labor, and helping women postpartum. Feeling your very best emotionally and physically during pregnancy allows for the healthiest and most expansive form of vibrant creation, facilitating the health of a new life.  Our ability to take care of ourselves truly enables us to be present to our needs, allowing us to be present and available to the needs of our babies, families, and the community at large.



Our Services For Pregnancy/Labor/Postpartum Include:

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HOW OUR SERVICES CAN HELP YOUhands and preg belly

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, prenatal & postpartum massage, chiropractic care, and nutritional consults can help women during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum in many ways. Please click below to learn more about about how we can help you.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine:


Prenatal & Postpartum Massage


 Nutritional Consults